A development of ABS is the Traction Control now appearing on many luxury cars. Traction Control uses the signals from the wheel detectors of the ABS system which measure any slippage detected on a driven wheel.

ABS uses this information to monitor how hard it can apply the brakes. Traction Control uses the same information to assess the tyre's grip on the road. If it senses a loss of grip from ice, snow etc. it re-apportions the power being applied across to the other driven wheel, or if that too is slipping, overrides the throttle control to reduce all power to the driven wheels until grip is recovered to an acceptable level.

On 4 wheel drive systems it can proportion either front to rear or independently to all 4 wheels as circumstances dictate. If your car has Traction Control a modified method of skid control is used, check your car's handbook for specific instructions.

Article © Graham Benge 2007

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