The Mercedes-Benz Museum - Stuttgart

Mercedes-Benz Museum - Stuttgart

Officially opened on May 19th 2006, the Mercedes-Benz Museum presents the history of the company, and its founders,  in the context of other world events.

The visitor starts the tour, which the publicity material suggests last "at least two hours" (Sacha and I were there for over 6!), by catching a lift to the very top of the building. It is here that the 120 year story starts, basic engines, basic "motorbikes" and basic carriages.

Mercedes-Benz Museum - The beginning of the Legend

Then, as you follow the spiralling (not as dramatic as that might sound!) path you travel through time, visiting the highlights of the Mercedes-Benz collection, the massive engined early tourers, buses, trucks, F1 Medical cars, the 1955 300 SL coupe "gull-wing", you name it, if it is Mercedes-Benz it'll be there.

Information is provided for almost every exhibit by a handy audio device that you hang round your neck. Depending upon interest and time, details about any specific item are available at your fingertips. Audio information specially recorded for children is also available via the same device, so the whole family can be kept interested for the whole tour. Film sound tracks are also delivered via this device, so the museum is generally a quieter, more relaxed space.

Mercedes-Benz Museum - Collections

All in all, the Mercedes-Benz Museum is a fascinating place to visit from both an historical motoring perspective and an architectural one! It is also, I think, exceptional value at only €8 for adults, €4 for students and pensioners, and children (under 15) get in free!

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Article by Andrew Denyer

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