Lane discipline

Lane discipline is very important in town 1 way systems like this one where a clearly marked bus or cycle lane on the left cannot be used by other traffic but buses or cycles may merge from that lane.

Check the road markings but generally if soon turning left or going straight ahead use the centre lane and use the right hand lane only if soon turning right. Beware other drivers cutting rapidly across lanes, locals may assume you know the same short cuts as them. Beware roadworks or some other obstruction in 1 or more lanes which may force you from your chosen lane but try to return to it as soon as the way is clear.  

Bus only lanes allow public transport to move in cities, don't block them. Beware the ends of bus lanes when buses may have to move back into the lane that you are in.

Choose the lane you want and don't cross lanes without checking your mirrors and clearly signalling.

  • Read the road markings
  • Keep out of bus or cycle lanes.
  • Choose your lane/direction and stay in it
  • Clearly signal any lane change.
  • 1 way systems

Article © Graham Benge 2007

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