City junctions may appear more daunting than others but all have similar rules, here turning left and, as the lights are red ahead we could allow the signalling bus to move out and take up position for our left turn behind the bus. Note that the 3 lanes each different directions, roads are marked as such and each lane controlled by different lights. Note and beware the other traffic on the pavement.    

There may be different traffic light signals for each lane. Take heed only of the one controlling your lane. Only enter the box when it is is clear to proceed. If box is blocked wait until clear even if the lights are in your favour, do not get trapped in the box by changing lights, a main cause of city traffic jams. 

Watch out for traffic attempting to merge from left. If have time and space to do so allow them in. Also be aware of parked traffic on your left that may dart out without a signal. If there's someone sitting in it it could move.  

  • Select your lane/ destination early.
  • Take heed of road markings.
  • Observe the lights and filters
  • Don't block boxes.
  • Watch out for other traffic.

Article © Graham Benge 2007

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