Hit and Run accidents have become more common in the last ten years or so...

...too often drink befuddled drivers desperate to avoid the penalty for their crimes.

Most of us would surely agree that running away from an accident where some innocent person may have been injured or even killed is the lowest of the low, a crime that deserves the most severe punishment.

If you should see a hit and run accident don't be a silent witness, make sure the culprit is identified, caught and prevented from further anti-social behaviour.

  • Try to get the registration number  - even if only partly - and a brief description of the car - colour,  make and model - if known - and any unusual features.
  • If you do see the driver, try to remember the main points of a description, skin colour, colour and style of hair and any unusual features.
  • DO NOT chase the hit and run car, leave that to the police
  • Stop and attend to the casualty as much as you are able.
  • Report the details to the Police as soon as they arrive

Be prepared to give a fuller statement later, note down as many of the details as you can remember as soon as possible after the events as the memory can play strange tricks later.


Article © Graham Benge 2007

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