A rainy Silverstone

British Grand Prix

”I can't emphasise enough just how cool and collected Lewis stayed during the race," said McLaren's Martin Whitmarsh. "He was under immense pressure not only to get a result but also not to make a mistake - in some of the trickiest conditions he has ever driven in. That he managed to do so with such calmness and presence of mind is astounding - over the radio, it sounded as if Lewis was on a quiet Sunday drive - he was relaxed and calm; nothing seemed too difficult for him. After the first stop, we were aware of the situation with Kimi's tyres and duly informed Lewis. and even before his second stop we urged him to look after the car and measure his pace as a precaution in the weather conditions. We even recommended he ease his pace into the closing laps and he came back on the radio and told us he was already driving as slowly as he could!”

Lewis Hamilton celebrates his first British Grand Prix win



Monaco - 25th May 2008

Will it rain? Won't it rain? Well, yes!

Lewis Hamilton splashes around Monaco

Lewis Hamilton put aside last year's Monaco disappointment and, despite a worrying moment in lap 6 where he needed to make an unscheduled pit stop, took control of the unpredictable street circuit not known for forgiving ANY driving errors.

In an emotional race which his hero Ayrton Senna had won 6 times, Hamilton has described the win as "the highlight of my career and probably will be for the rest of my life".

Lewis Hamilton celebrates success in Monaco

"I believe we dealt with the situation very well." said McLaren CEO, Martin Whitmarsh, about Hamilton's early contact with the wall. "We put in a reasonably heavy fuel load, but despite the weight penalty Lewis maintained a really quick pace - a vital factor at that stage of the race. He did a terrific job. Conditions were exceptionally difficult but he didn’t commit any other errors and the team made the right calls at the right time. We’re delighted with the outcome."


Turkey - 11th May 2008

Massa and Raikkonen in Turkey

"A Turkish hat trick!" says Felipe Massa, "That was a weekend to remember for a very long time. When you win three times in a row, it says something is special between you and a circuit. I always feel very comfortable and very strong at this circuit and it is a track where I can be one of the quickest all the time, but I have also won twice in Bahrain, I won in Barcelona and Brazil and I want to win at other tracks as well. For sure, I had a great car last weekend and I think the team did a great job and so did I. It's a very special place to be and to keep winning at."

Turkish Grand Prix


Malaysia Grand Prix podium

Malaysia 23rd March 2008

Following an Australian Grand Prix where only 7 cars finished, it was a relief to see that the last week has been used well by the teams....

A much improved weekend for Ferrari saw Kimi Raikkonen taking a conclusive win in the Malasian Grand Prix, no-one really even coming close to knocking him from the top step of the podium!

Throughout the weekend the Malasian weather was expected to take as much of a part in the race as anything else, many even suggested that it would make things more interesting! As it turned out, the rain stayed away, and it was business as usual...

Kimi Raikkonen in Malaysia

Raikkonen and Massa pulled away from the field as the McLarens of Hamilton and Kovalainen, starting 5 places further back on the grid than their qualifying positions, were held up by successive problems, the McLaren mechanics struggling to change Lewis' front right wheel during his first pitstop, and slower cars, the McLaren race strategy not necesarily fitting their relegated start positions.

It was only once Felipe Massa spun off and beached his Ferrari that Robert Kubica in the BMW acquired the second place that he went on to hold until the chequered flag, some 20 seconds behind Kimi, but another 20 in front of third placed Heikki Kovalainen.

From a British perspective, it was good to see that all four of our drivers actually finished! David Coulthard and Jenson Button seemed to spend the entire race following each other, finishing 9th and 10th, and Anthony Davidson "stayed out of trouble and brought the car home" in 15th.


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