Before departing have got a signed, dated, receipt noting the seller's name and address, the cars details including the registration number, the chassis and engine numbers, the indicated mileage, price paid.

Have you got your portion of the registration document, your copy of any finance agreements, any warranties.

Are you insured to drive the vehicle away.
If private keep a copy of the advert you may have some legal redress if it's been mis-described.

So you've at last got the keys in your hot little hand but a few more checks before you rush headlong into the traffic.

Have you been given the registration document and is it all in order.

Have you arranged insurance cover for all drivers who will use the vehicle ?

Have you been given the warranty documents and service booklet ?

Has the tax disc been affixed to the car by the dealer or a note if it is to follow.

Before you drive off the forecourt, ensure that you are seated comfortably, can see clearly all around and in the mirrors and that your seats, seat belts and head rests are fully adjusted.

Once you've got home and spent the usual hour or so winding up the curtain peering neighbours do take the time to read the instruction manual it will tell you much about your new car and enable you to enjoy your investment to the fullest... if you're very lucky and very bright you may even be able understand the manual for the car radio... I never can.

Abstracted from the book “Buying a Used Car” © G Benge 1997-2007

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