Ensure your chosen car comfortably fits you and any other members of the family who will drive it, that all can reach the controls and have adequate vision all round.

Don't forget to get insurance quotes, in advance, to ensure that you can actually afford the premiums for yourself and any other family members who may drive the new car.

Carefully read and ensure you understand the sale conditions and the terms of any finance or leasing arrangement particularly the newer forms of personal leasing agreements where there may be mileage limitations. Do ask for further advice on any points where you are unclear.

If in doubt think it over for a day or so, you have every right to consider any credit agreement for some time before signing and, in some circumstances, even to withdraw in writing up to seven days after signing providing, of course, that you return the goods in a condition as good as that when received.

Abstracted from the book “Buying a Used Car” © G Benge 1997-2007

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