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USA - June 17th 2007

Lewis Hamilton's faultless drive in the USA

“It just keeps getting better and better – what an amazing week this has been. I can’t believe that I have won and am so incredibly grateful to the team who have worked to hard to continue the development which has seen us taking one-two here today. Everything went right; start, pitstops, strategy and I’m really happy. I was under pressure all the way from Fernando and we were both pushing as hard as possible. I made a good start to maintain the advantage but Fernando was right there. In the second stint Fernando managed to get really close when my tyres were graining, and he had a go at the end of the straight, but I was able to keep him behind. It’s been a long and hot day, but I have really enjoyed myself and the support from the fans.”

“I didn’t win but I finally managed to leave Indianapolis with a trophy. I think the race was decided after the first corner, and I didn’t manage to get past. All I could do was to stay as close to Lewis as possible. We were side-by-side on one occasion, but it was all fair and square and it was good racing. I was constantly in his slipstream and was getting all kind of dirt from the brakes on my overalls, the car and the helmet which was why I sometimes went slightly off line to try and get some clean air. The car was working well, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the season. At the end of the day the team can leave Indianapolis having extended the gap to Ferrari in the Constructors’ battle and having eight points is better than none. I’m looking forward to going back to Europe and the rest of the season.”

“Lewis and Fernando raced from beginning to end. During the middle stint Fernando pushed hard and caught Lewis and this of course created some positive but tense moments on the pitwall. We were obviously happy to let them race but had to be mindful of the fact that our competition was not threatening our one-two finish. 15 laps from the end both drivers reduced their revs to save the engines for the French Grand Prix but still continued to race. Their sporting behaviour both on track and especially during the podium celebrations made the team proud to have two such great drivers. We will continue to push hard in our development programme which will allow us to bring more performance to the French Grand Prix in two weeks time.”

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