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Hungarian Grand Prix - 5th August 2007

I had hoped, following the events of the last few weeks, that, come race weekend, we could see driver against driver, and team against team, racing on the track to decide who wins... It would seem that that was not to be!

However, it was Lewis Hamilton who kept a cool head and went on to take his third win, the 50th win in a McLaren car with a Mercedes engine.

Lewis Hamilton "A very emotional race and an eventful weekend. During the last two weeks, the team has done a great job and we definitely have made a step forward. However, the Ferrari was also fast today and during the final laps, Kimi put a lot of pressure on me. I managed to pull out a slight gap in the first stint but during the last two stints, I had a small problem with the steering on the car. This meant Kimi was able to close on me which made me a little nervous. However the team told me on the radio that everything was OK which meant I was able to push to the very end."

The Ferrari pit wall

Jean Todt at Ferrari, was philosophical about his team's weekend: "We had a competitive car but we did not do the best job for reasons we need to understand in qualifying and we paid the price. It's not pleasing but you have to accept it. I'm not very happy about the result today. You cannot always pretend that you're not happy if you don't win, even if what you always aim for is trying to win a race."

Having been relegated 5 places on the grid for, at least, appearing to hold up Lewis Hamilton during qualifying, Fernando Alonso was reasonably pleased with his fourth place.

Fernando Alonso "I am quite pleased with the race today which was a difficult one. The maximum we could have reached from sixth position on the grid was a podium finish - especially on this circuit which is comparable to Monaco in terms of overtaking opportunities. This didn’t work out in the end, but fourth is better than fifth and at the final stage of the race I did not push too much to save my engine for the Turkish Grand Prix. Without the penalty after yesterday’s qualifying the victory would have been possible today as you can see on my lap times when I had a clear track. I am now seven points behind Lewis. The fight for the championship is still open and I will try my best to close the gap."

Ron Dennis' post race interviews certainly seemed to show a man drained of energy: "A weekend full of stress and emotion. The issues that faced us, not just this weekend but also in the previous month, has tested the resolve of the whole team. It’s at these times that you have to stay true to your principles and values. We will take the time between now and the Turkish Grand Prix to continue to develop the car and strive to maintain our winning streak. Both drivers did great jobs in different but very difficult circumstances."

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